how to earn money from Appen in Nigeria(easy and quick)


how to earn money from Appen in Nigeria(easy and quick)

Today I am going to be teaching you guys the easiest way on how to earn money from Appen in Nigeria from home easy and fast. 

If you guys often visit our blog you will know we don’t share this kind of stuff often but I decided to share this one because it is 100% legit and payment proof guarantee.

Also as a gamer, you will need to buy some new stuff like PS4 VGR and others. With the help of this website that applies to all countries including Nigeria, you will be able to purchase all your requirements and needs within a minute.

What is Appen?

Appen is an Australian based company that you can earn money doing little task online e.g. social media evaluator, language translating data entry and many more. And Appen is also applicable to all countries including Nigeria.

Is Appen legit or Scam?

This question is often asked if Appen website is Legit or Scam. I have been working on Appen website for several years now and appen have not missed a single payment I requested from their website. So in my opinion Appen is 110% legit with payment proof guarantee trust me when I say this.

Appen Payment Proof in Nigeria

This is my payment proof of working only a month on Appen website via Payoneer Nigeria. See the image below.

appen payment proof nigeria

What you need to know and need start earning money from Appen in Nigeria

  • Valid email address
  • How to create an Appen account
  • How to create a resume

How to create an Appen account in Nigeria (easy and fast)

Click here it will redirect you to the official website

Now that you are in the main page of the website

Click on jobs in the right top corner of the website

How to create an Appen account in Nigeria (easy and fast)

After clicking on jobs you will see something like this e.g. Raters, Language jobs, Micro-task and cooperate jobs, etc

Click on Language jobs

In this page, you will see a different listing of jobs you can apply for

Click on categories you will see a dropdown box, click on social media evaluator leave the location at ALL after that click on search

After you are done searching scroll down and look for Social media evaluator Nigeria click on it

Note: If you do know how to translate other languages apart from Nigeria home-based language you can go for it, it’s your choice. But make sure you go for the language you understand and also speak.

Now please make sure you read the requirement for this job carefully. And after you are done reading the requirement Click on Apply for this job online

After that you will need to provide your valid email address

Note: Don’t fill an email address that is not active, Input your valid and verified email address

Scroll down and tick on I accept and click on next

That’s it for how to find jobs in Appen Social media evaluator Nigeria. Now it’s time to fill in your details.

Candidate Profile

Resume: if you guys want to learn how to create a qualified resume in Nigeria click here

Create a login: your login is your username, and your password must start with an uppercase letter the rest lower case and must end with one number e.g. Kemisola

Enter your information: Enter your First name, Middle name, and Last name. All these names must start with an uppercase letter

Phones: Click on the type you will see a drop-down click on mobile and fill in your mobile number in the empty box

Address 1:  Click on the type you will see a drop-down click on home. After that fill in your address in the blank space e.g. address 1 and Address 2

City: Input the city you reside in

Zip/postal code: Google always has everything. Search Google to get the postal code of your area or city

Country: Click on make a selection you will see a drop-down scroll down and click on your country

How did you hear about us: Select social media?

Please specify further: Select Facebook

Native language: Select your home-based language

Other languages: Select English

Spoken level: Select the level of your spoken ability

Written ability: Select the level of your written ability

Other languages that you speak: Write down other languages you know how to speak other than English. Also, make sure you input comma if you want to write more than one language

That’s all click on Submit profile to continue

This is the last registration Process so please don’t be worried.

Job specification Questions

Enter your date of birth: Write your date of birth in this format /22/12/1999/

Residency: Select your country

Other languages you speak: Select other languages you speak apart from English

How many hours do you prefer to work: Select 4 hours per day?

Are you currently working as a social media evaluator: Select NO?

If yes specify the role: input n/a in the box

Please enter the URL of your facebook profile: Copy your Facebook profile URL and paste it in the empty box

Are you interested to work as a social media evaluator: Select YES?

Now click on submit

That’s all for the registration on the Appen website as a social media evaluator. Always check your email regularly for a job update.


If this article helped you in creating an Appen account, please comment down below. And if you need extra help also comment below. As always stay awesome peace!

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