How to fix blurry images for blogger featured images, YouTube embedded blogger post

How to fix blurry images for blogger featured images, YouTube embedded blogger post

How to fix blurry images for blogger featured images, YouTube embedded blogger post

In this tutorial Tunnelgist will be teaching you how to fix blurry images for blogger featured images, featured post or YouTube video embedded posts blogger.

If you guys use free templates like Templateyard template, Way2themes templates, Themexpose template and other template creators you will notice this problem.  This problem occurs when you embed YouTube videos in your blogger post. Your featured posts will be blurry and so dull that the viewers will not be able to see the image clearly.

This is an Example of blurry featured post on blogger Custom template

What is the cause of blurry images on blogger featured posts?

The main cause of blurry featured images on blogger it’s from the blogger template

The template creator did not set the image to resize to the featured post image size, so when you embed a YouTube video that has custom thumbnail in your blogger post

The YouTube image thumbnail will override the main blogger post image, that will resize the main post image to its lowest quality

And that will make the feature post image on blogger blurry.

How to fix blurry image on blogger free or premium template one time

Firstly create a new blogger post

Write or paste any article you own

Now upload an image, and place it in the beginning of the blogger post “HEADER”

After you have done that go to YouTube

Search for the video you want to embed on YouTube

Click on the video to play after finding the result

After that click on Share button, you will see blogger embed, Facebook embed and others

Click on EMBED

Note: If you copy the blogger embed code your featured blogger post will be blurry. So please copy the normal EMBED

After clicking on EMBED scroll down and tick this check boxes

  • Show player controls
  • Enable privacy-enhanced mode

After that copy the code

Head back to your blogger post

Click on HTML, scroll down and paste the code in the end of the HTML scripts or you can also paste the YouTube embed script anywhere you want it to be placed

Click on publish.

After publishing the post, go to your blog homepage check the featured post, the blurry issue will be 100% fixed that’s all.



Guys if this tutorial fixed the blurry image issue in blogger please comment down below, and if you guys need some extra assist also comment down below I will reply ASAP. As always stay awesome peace!

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