How to stop windows 10 flickering or Screen display blinking or flashing issue

How to stop windows 10 flickering or Screen display blinking or flashing issue

How to stop windows 10 flickering or Screen display blinking or flashing issue

Today I am going to teach you guys what laptop user have been complaining of for a very long time how to fix windows 10 flickering or screen display blinking or flashing issue. 

Guys please make sure you read this article till the end of this tutorial because in the end of this tutorial your screen flickering issue problem will be solved.

What is the cause of screen flickering issue for windows operating system ?

  • Outdated driver
  • Adapter Voltage
  • LCD cable

How to fix window 10 flickering issue or blinking issue one time

1. Outdated driver

This could be the easiest solution to your laptop flickering issue

Firstly right click on your main desktop on your computer

Move you cursor to display settings click on it

Now click on advanced display settings

After clicking on advanced display settings scroll down and click on Display adapter properties

You will now see your Driver name, date and video memory

After that copy your driver name search the name of your driver on Google and update and your screen flickering issue will be solved

Also if you don’t how to download and install driver for any PC click here to learn that ASAP

Note: if your adapter do not display the exact way mine displayed that means your driver is not installed or updated if you want to learn how to install and update your driver click here.

2. High voltage Adapter

  • Note: My bios menu setup might not be the same with your PC bios setup, so read or Google search you bios menu instructions

Firstly Power your system ON

Immediately Press F12, F9 or F2 to go to your bios setup Note: The keyboard menu shortcut are not the same, it varies on different PC maker

Scroll down and click on battery information or battery management

Check the watt of the adapter. Note: If the adapter watt does not matches the same watts of your PC. That is definitely what is causing your PC screen flickering; consider replacement of your charger and your problem might be solved

If all this steps listed above does not work for you, this last step will definitely work.

3. LCD or LED Cable

This is the last step that will definitely work and this step worked for me too. I was using a dell vostro 3458 back then in 2015. 

One day I  turned on my PC and I move the LCD backward and my screen started flicking, I moved the LCD to its normal position the flickering stopped I was shocked  because my PC screen was normal no scratch, no broken screen and yet the screen flickering issue became worse "day by day". Enough of discussion let’s get into the main deal.

Here are the 2 steps that will solve your PC flickering issue

If you are a computer engineer this steps will be very easy for you and if you are not make sure you see your computer repairer.

First Step

  • Firstly get a screw driver
  • Turn your Laptop over "I mean to the back".
  • Remove all the screws at the back with your screw driver
  • Check if there is other screws in front of the laptop, the keyboard and other part of the laptop
  • Open the motherboard; check the cable that connects from the screen to the motherboard.
  • Remove that cable from the motherboard
  • Clean the lens and re-insert the cable again.
  • Couple your laptop, turn your pc on and check if the flickering issue is fixed.
  • The first step listed above works very good for most people and it might also work for you.

Second Step

Cable replacement

This is the step that worked worked for me. Immediately after cable replacement my screen flickering issue stopped one time.

Go to your engineer and ask your engineer that you want to replace your LCD or LED cable , also make sure the LED cable matches the cable in your motherboard, because if it’s not the same this might cause you a lot of problems.

If you an engineer I suggest you replace the cable yourself, because I replaced the cable myself and it’s not that hard.

Follow this guide if you are an engineer

Search the exact cable name on, amazon or ebay, if you find it purchase it and replace it, or if you can’t find the cable you are looking for, go to Ikeja in Lagos Nigeria purchase it there the price of the cable should be #4,500 or above.

After cable is purchased replace the cable and the flickering issue will be solved.



If this article helped you and also stopped your screen flickering issue place make sure you comment down below. And you guys need some extra help comment down below I will reply you immediately ASAP, as always stay awesome and ill catch you guys in the next one.

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