Home remedies that will eliminate bed bugs 100% from your home (Nigeria)

Home remedies that will eliminate bed bugs 100% from your home (Nigeria)

Bed bugs are the most annoying and bite painful insects that every family would always want to get rid of from their homes.

That's why I got you covered today. In this article, I will be sharing the most effective and homemade remedies that will eliminate bedbugs 100% from home.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny brown insects that feed on human or animal blood to survive. Bed bugs are very fast that you won’t notice them while crawling, and also bed bugs do not have wing so there unable to fly.

Effects of bed bugs bite

  • Weakness and dizziness in the morning
  • Consistent illness

Homemade remedies that will eliminate bed bugs from your home

These are the methods that I recommend you to use

1.  Detergent + Dettol

How to mix detergent and Dettol?

Get a spray bottle, fill it with water

Buy a Dettol of 500 ml

Get a detergent it could be any detergent e.g. KLIN, GOOD MAMA, WOW, OMO or any very active detergent

Now get a table teaspoon

Fill the table teaspoon with the detergent

Pour the tablespoon with the detergent into the spray bottle "twice"

Now add half of the Dettol 500ml into the spray bottle

Mix well and spray to any infected area e.g. under the bed, under the mattress, etc
Repeat this procedure for the next four week and you will see the effective results.

2. Scent leaf

You can get scent leaf at the backyard of your house or buy it from any market in Nigeria.
Scent leaf is also called in Nigeria Nchawun in Igbo, Effirin in Yoruba, and Ntong in Effik.

How to prepare scent leaf to kill bedbugs in Nigeria

Get a blender it could be electric or manual

Blend the scent leaf till it removes its liquid

Remove the scent leaf from the blender

Add a little water to the blended scent leaf and stir

Now apply the blended scent leaf to every corner of your room, this includes under your bed, wall edges, on your chairs.

Repeat this procedure for the next seven days and you will see the effective results.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the effective methods and means of eliminating bedbugs from your home.

This is what will happen when bedbugs have contact with baking soda

Once the bedbugs have contacted will baking soda, it will dry up the bedbug within 5 minutes.

But also this method may take a lot of your time so you have to be patient while doing this.

If you can’t do it yourself call a pest control professional to do it for you.

How to prepare baking soda to kill bed

Get a paintbrush

Get a bowl

Pour the baking soda into the bowl

Use the paintbrush and lightly brush over the baking soda

Use the paintbrush to apply the baking soda anywhere you suspect bed bugs to be existed e.g. between the mattress, under your bed, etc

After one week of application remove the baking soda with a vacuum or a hard brush
Repeat this process as many times as you can till the bedbugs are completely away from your home.


If this article helped you get rid of bedbugs 100% from your home, make sure you comment down below and if you need to know more that you don’t understand comment down below I will reply immediately ASAP.

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