How to run any java games on your PC

How to run any java games on your PC

Want to play high graphics java games on your PC, well in this tutorial Tunnelgist will guide you through on how to run any java games on your PC easy and fast.

Back in 2005, there is nothing like android games, we only play java games then and it was so interesting.

But the only obstacle I have then is my phone screen, I was unable to play high-graphics games with little 240x320 screen.

Now that won't be an obstacle again if you have a PC. Now you will be able to play all java games as you desire because the application I will be sharing with you guys supports all types of screen.

How to run any java games on your PC

Click here to download the application from google drive

Extract the zip file

After the zip file is extracted open the folder

Download any of your favorite java application

After the java application is downloaded open KEmulator folder

Open KEmulator.exe to run the application

After the application is fully loaded click on midlet and then load the jar

midlet and then load jar

Now browse the location you save the java game to

After finding the location double click on the java game to open

select the game

Your java game will be loaded properly

gangster rio city on pc

And also if some games don’t run depending on the game screen you can change KEmulator screen settings.

How to change KEmulator screen settings

Click on tools and then options

view and then options

Change the screen size to any size the game requires

change screen settings

And you can also change the device by clicking the dropdown box on device select to select any device of your choice.


If this article helped you run any java games on your PC, make sure you comment down below and if you need to know more that you don’t understand comment down below I will reply immediately ASAP.

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