Hidden Secrets and Facts behind Bobrisky fame Revealed (THE REAL TRUTH YOU NEVER KNOW)

Hidden Secrets and Facts behind Bobrisky fame Revealed

In Nigerian today there a lot of cross- dressers, but only few are recognized both on the internet and in the society. Famous cross dressers like jay boogie or bob risky are often talked about on the internet. But never really shared, the facts and secrets about them.

Welcome to my blog, in today's article i will be showing you the Hidden Secrets and Facts behind Bobrisky fame Revealed (THE REAL TRUTH YOU NEVER KNOW)

Do you know that bob risky was caught by street boys when she started cross dressing; I bet you don’t know that and you are also eager to know the hidden secret. Watch the four hidden secrets and facts you don’t know about bob risky.

Bob risky is not a Gay

Bob risky is not a gay, yes! You read that right. Bob risky is just a guy who is always obsessed with his look, that’s why he went the extra mile in becoming a cross-dresser. 

And if you guys flash back to bob risky first cross-dressing image, you will notice the sad look on bob risky face that will give you the clue that this dude is not happy with himself. I mean obsessed. Here is the main proof that bob risky is not a gay.

If you guys take a closer look at bob risky, you will know that there isn’t any definition of gay in this guy.

OK I know you guys will definitely what to know the reason why bob risky is not a gay?

OK here is the reason, have you guys ever seen bob risky so close with males to the extent of exchanging kisses, No he doesn't feel anything for any guy i mean this guy is just pretending, he loves ladies admit it. But if we were to compare bob risky to this dude I guess this dude is the real gay.

Since the time bob risky become popular on social media, the only person we constantly see bob risky with is Tonto dikey. 

Why Tonto? There even pictures of him and Tonto the Kay kissing. 

Wow! Bob risky is a very sharp guy; this guy must be having a secret affair with Tonto dikey that we don’t know. Before you know it there will get married, and also have kids. If this guy is a gay he supposed to be attracted to men, not Tonto the Kay.

That is not all guys; I still have one more proof that will completely change your mind on bob risky.

There is a video of bob risky interacting with her fans on social media, in that video bob risky was advertising a product and there was a guy in the room, I know what you guys would be thinking now, well that what is going to happen, watch this video and see for yourself.

I guess this video verifies that bob risky is not a gay.

Bob risky was caught by street boys being a cross dresser

I know this will sound weird but this is the truth.

As you all know cross dressing, transgender, gay and others are not allowed in Nigeria so if you are caught doing those things that are not allowed in Nigeria, you will be disgrace either by street boys or dealt with by the by the government. 

That is exactly the case of bob risky. Bob risky was caught red handed by some random dudes as a gay “that’s exactly what they call cross dressing in Nigeria”. 

The random dudes put a sachet of pure water in bob risky chest and they took the picture of bob risky to show the world that there is a male dressing like female in Nigeria in order to extort money from men. So bad! If you are in Nigeria you’ll know several men has been caught like this dressing like a female and there also disgraced bitterly.

Now that put us to the conclusion why bob risky wasn’t happy in the picture that those random guys took the whole time.

bobrisky caught by street boys

If you take a close look at bob risky in that image, bob risky is just like a criminal that has been caught guilty and also surrounded by swat so there is nowhere to run. 

swat surrounded

That’s pretty funny. I bet Nigerian do not pay a close attention to this image to find the hidden truth. The random guys intend to disgrace bob risky by uploading the picture on the internet for everyone to see, but yet the made bob risky so popular that everyone is talking about him right now.

Isn’t that a wonderful and great achievement by bob risky?

Now that you guys have known the truth, share this article to the world.

Bob risky don’t want to become a cross dresser in the first place

Years to Years to Years after years, when bob risky uploaded his first cross dressing photo on Instagram. You will notice that this guy doesn’t want to become a cross-dresser, I mean! It is shown all over his face. 

When some one gives you that look you will know what it means. Bob risky is just a guy that is always obsessed with his look and always ashamed of his body. Why on heart will you be ashamed of your body, at least you are still alive all things is possible.

In this video you can see bob risky is already trying to get rid of his skin using Nigerian bleaching creams. This video will show you that bob risky is not always happy with his face the whole time. Just take a look at his face, his face is heavily painted with pancakes like a ghost in Yoruba movies.

And when bloggers saw this photo of bob risky putting pure water in his chest, they did not even bother to do further research to get the main cause why he puts pure water in his chests. In order to make money bloggers started the trend on social media that bob risky is a gay and cross-dresser. 

Man this bloggers are doing crazy jobs oh! And as it been written in this article, bob risky is easily obsessed with things. So he admitted it that he is officially a cross dresser in Nigeria.

Bob-risky is so lovely and caring to her fans and family

Despite all the things said about bob risky, Bob risky is still caring and lovely to her fans and family. When I mean caring I don’t just mean he’s charity organization that will see people on streets and start giving them money for no reason.

bobrisky hidden truth

The caring and loving I mean is the interaction with his fans is too lit, although bob-risky do give money to his fans, we all know that. But the way he interacts with his fans on social media is very lovely and touching, it will make you love bob-risky, watch this video guys and see for your self.


If you guys learnt something new from this article please share and comment down below, as always stay awesome peace!

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