Best and Fastest Browser App for Android in 2021 (Phoenix Browser)


best and fastest browser app for android in 2021

Phoenix browser, as you all know it’s not just only popular, but also if you are using a Tecno device, you will notice that this app has been installed already on your phone, this also applies to some other Android devices.

This browser is also configured to search consecutively in different tabs. Its speed rate for downloading files it’s like that of the flash, and also it has this cool feature like uTorrent which enables you to resume the download from where you stopped. Cool right!


Phoenix Browser Features

They’ve got interesting features on this browser like.

Night or Normal Mode

  • You can enable this feature by opening your Phoenix browser app.

step one

  • After opening Phoenix app, click on Me in the bottom part, after that click on Dark. Now you should see your browser change into dark mode.

step two

  • If you want to change your browser from dark to light mode, do the reverse of the above process.
step three

Choice Storage Download

choice storage download

This feature enables the user to choose either to download directly to your phone storage or your external SD card, even if you are using Android 7.0 that doesn’t allow that.


File cleaner

There is no disputing the fact of the importance of this feature. Oftentimes, our device is being threatened by viruses roaming the net which could cause untold damage to our devices. File cleaner in Phoenix browser helps you get rid of junk files, cache, remnants files of the uninstalled application.


With the Phoenix browser application, you can extract, zip, or unzip compressed files easy and fast, without having any compressor tool on your device. And also this helps a lot in terms of space management, which means you don't need to have multiple applications that will consume your storage, since you can get the task done on the Phoenix app.

Google Drive Save

You don't ever have to worry about losing important files, documents, videos, music, apps, and more. All you have to do is to click on the Me icon on the lower part of the Phoenix app and then click on “sign in to get started”.

Adblocker and Data Saver

Phoenix browser allows you to block annoying pop-up ads on any website you visit. This means you don’t have to worry about annoying pop-up ads anymore.


Phoenix Media Player

phoenix media player

This is one of the best Android Media players ever. You can play videos in good contrast and HD definition, and also the color reproduction on this player is awesome. It also has some other features like Auto resume, zoom, forward and rewinds playback speed, and many more.


Fastest downloading Speed

Have you ever downloaded files on your Smartphone at the highest speed? I mean 2 MB per second on the lowest 3G network. I guess you haven’t. But with the Phoenix browser, this is possible. Phoenix Browser optimizes the speed of your download to its maximum rate. “I don’t know it’s done, but the developers of this app are genius".


Resume Files, Music, and Video Download

resume download files

In some cases that your data get exhausted before completing your files, movies or apps download. And trying to resume the download from where it stopped from will just restart the download from the beginning. I know this could be a bit frustrating for Android users. Because I’ve been there!

With Phoenix browser, you can resume any downloads on the browser, without having a link expired issue. This is just like using IDM or uTorrent on a PC.


Online Video download grabber

This browser has this cool feature that allows you to download any video online, even if the website owner does not permit you to download it from their website.

I know its tricky right, don’t tell anyone about this. Just kidding though!

With the Phoenix browser, you can download videos from any website like YouTube, Instagram, and more.



I hope this article helps you finalize that Phoenix browser is not only a web search app, but a multi tool kit that perform various task in one app.

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