How to Remove unnecessary, unwanted, or useless sitelinks on blogger and WordPress (Google Search)


how to remove unnecassary sitelinks from blogger or wordpress, google search

Hi bloggers, do you want to remove unnecessary, unwanted, useless, or irritating sitelinks messing up your website on Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engine.

These unwanted sitelinks are caused by edited or deleted labels from your blogs. What I mean is that you must be very careful while editing or deleting the labels on your blogs often. Because even after deleting these labels from your blog, Google will still index those deleted labels, despite been deleted already from your blog. And this will result to irritating or unwanted sitelinks on the Google search engine. This is also know as featured label removal from Google.

If you are here because of this issue. "We got you covered". In this tutorial, we will teach you the easiest and fastest method to remove unnecessary or unwanted sitelinks, easy and fast from the Google search engine.

How to Remove unnecessary, unwanted, or useless sitelinks from blogger and WordPress

1. Open your preferred search engine, after that go to Google search console on your browser.

step one

2. Click on the navigation bar in the top left corner of the page.

step two

3. Click on search property, after that select your domain URL.

step three

4. Click on Removals.

step four

5. After that click on New Request.

step five

6. After clicking on New Request, open a new tab on your browser and then search the website you want to remove the unnecessary sitelinks from, on Google.

step six

7. On Google, right-click and then open the sitelinks you want to remove on a new tab. Now you will be redirected to the sitelinks page.

8. On the sitelinks page, copy the whole link of the page.

step 7

9. Head back to the previously opened search console tab on your browser.

10. Paste the link you just copied in the box, and then click on Next.

step nine

11. After clicking on Next, click on submit request.

step ten

It will take 8 – 24 hours to get done. After this time range, check the sitelinks you recently processed removal for, on Google. By now that link will not be visible on Google anymore.

For further confirmation, open Google search console on your browser, after that go to removals. If you see temporary removed on the link you recently processed, this means it's successfully removed. You can repeat the same process for other URLs you want to remove.

successfully removed sitelinks

Watch this video for further learning


Thanks so much for reading this article, if this tutorial assisted you in removing unnecessary sitelink from Google, please comment down below. And if there is more you need to know, comment down below, we reply immediately ASAP. AS ALWAYS STAY AWESOME PEACE!!!

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