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“A society that turns it minds towards learning is would experience set back and has no future”. That’swhy here OUR TEAM (TUNNELGIST TV) took up the task to source and brings different ideas that affect different sphere of our lives and hot topics that are germane to human existence on earth from social values and morals to topics concerning the universe as learning never ends. Since its inception on.

TUNNELGIST TV has since received visitation from all over the world giving us good feedback, proving us to be trustworthy and reliable. TUNNELGIST TV is owned by a group of passionate individuals, each bringing their knowledge to be shared across the globe in order to make the world a better place for you and me


To be a dominant media content provider and entertaining blog-site in the world, through the pursuit of excellence and in providing creative, innovative, accurate and quality entertainment products


To practice dissipating of information in the classic newspaper tradition of giving the news, features, tips, daily hacks and tricks in an exciting style, with impact objectivity and appeal that generate returns towards building a strong and healthy environment


Due to our love for humanity, our team work tirelessly to bring accurate and reliable facts ready at your fingertips.

TUNNELGIST TV passionately subsist on the core values of teamwork, respect, integrity and professionalism and loves sharing in your ideas 💡[.T.R.I.P.S.]

T= We believe that we will serve our readers better when we work as a team. TUNNELGIST TV has qualified and professional workers who are ready to answer your query.

R = We are committed to treating our readers with respect, dignity; in a fair and equitable manner.
I = We are focused on continuous innovation as the best means to deliver value. We also agree to conducting our service with integrity and great standard of ethics.

P= We are committed to bring a professional, flexible and a learning organization who is always ready to take responsibility of any errors and correction and ready to accept new ideas as we believe we all can learn from each other, so feel free to always drop your thoughts in the comment box as it helps us to develop on our self.

S= We believe sharing individual opinions encourages interaction among-st users and makes the discussed topic more interesting as this most be done with caution and good manners as we discourage “Cyber bullying”.

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